Set Your Strategy With A

Mailbox money session

A one-on-one power-hour to craft your email marketing game plan from A-Z. 

Zero fluff, guaranteed. 

Go from totally lost to email boss

If you're doing your own email marketing, chances are your Google search history is full of questions like: "When's the best time to send an email?", "What do I say in a welcome sequence?", and "Why aren't my emails making money?" 

There's about one million podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, and courses out there to help you "figure it out," but you're way too busy for all that. A Mailbox Money Session is your strategy shortcut.

Let's make your game plan

How a strategy session works


I send you a detailed questionnaire to lift the hood on your business and email dreams. 


We meet for one hour via video chat to talk shop and plot your path to success. 

YOU make it happen

You step up your email game with new confidence and better results.

whatcha get

Answers, finally!

Google no more, my friend. We'll work together to get your head in the email game so you can stop reading blogs and fast-forward to the happy ending. (You, sending emails and makin' money.)


Every session is unique tailormade to your goals. Whether you want to focus on a special launch or your entire email marketing program, you'll walk about away with specific action items and the confidence to knock 'em out. 

TWO weeks of support

Post-session you'll get a recording of our convo to keep. Then, you'll get two weeks of unlimited access to me via email to ask followup questions and get feedback. Because no one learns email marketing overnight. 

This was exactly the overview I was hoping for. I left feeling more confident in simple steps I can take to grow and execute emails.


get the skinny

You're the boss! your session is tailored to the topics you want to know about like:


The TOp strategies to grow your list 

The best strategies to grow your email list 


What automations to run and all the techy stuff to get 'em going


The best email service provider to scale with your shop


How to plan your content calendar (and what to say)


How to drum up excitement and sales for a launch or specific season (hello, Q4!) 

A mailbox money session is  perfect for you if...

you do email marketing in-house

You want email to rev up sales 

You're sick of guessing at strategy

You want to press send with  confidence (and get results, too.)   

cheers to that?

let's talk shop

Dish the details about your brand, and we'll get your session on the books!



Detailed pre-session questionnaire to deep-dive into your current strategies and goals  

60-minute video call to talk shop and make your game plan

Session recording 

Two weeks of unlimited email access for followup questions and extra support

A mailbox money session startS at $300 & Includes:



what if I don't have an email list?

No worries! A Mailbox Money Session is a great place to start. During our time together, we'll map out strategies to grow your list.  

Can we meet more than once?

Sure can! After our first session, we can talk about if follow-up sessions are a good next step for you. 

When Can We MEET? 

Most Mailbox Money Sessions are booked 3-6 weeks in advance. To get started, fill out our new client application on our contact page.

can you help me plan a launch?

Love to! A Mailbox Money Session is a great option is you're trying to strategize for a special product launch or particular season like Q4. 

Ready to get it poppin?

Give us the 411 on your shop, and we'll get this party started.